Invisacook FAQ

Welcome to our Invisacook FAQ page! At Granite and Marble Solutions, we offer Invsiacook installation services when you choose us for countertop fabrication and installation services in Alpharetta, Ga. When it comes to an unbeatable visual appeal and efficient cooking technology, Invisacook is the top choice for homeowners. With our custom granite countertop services, our team can incorporate Invisacook into your dream kitchen. Here’s everything you may be wondering about the invisible cooktop system.

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How Does Invisacook Work? +

Installed beneath your custom porcelain or granite countertop, Invisacook performs the same as any induction stove. Using a noise locator to help you find the burner, your invisible cooktop can be used to cook food as normal. When you aren’t cooking, Invisacook acts as a counter space for whatever you need.

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What Countertops Work With Invisacook? +

Invisacook recommends using porcelain or selecting granite countertops. In order for the countertop to remain in good condition and for your safety, our countertop fabricators and installers will work closely with you to find the right countertop materials and correct installation to ensure Invisacook can perform its best.

Is Invisacook Safe? +

With proper installation and attention to manufacturer instructions, Invisacook is an incredibly safe option for your kitchen. The countertops over your Invisacook will become hot with use, so it’s important to follow standard procedure when cooking with heat and to proceed with caution when using the countertop space.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Invisacook Cooktop? +

Invisacook offers several benefits that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient cooking experience. The cooktops are energy efficient and designed to blend in with your countertop, providing a sleek and stylish appearance.

When it comes to designing custom countertops to accommodate Invsiacook, Grant and Marble Solutions does its best! Our unparalleled quality of workmanship and our selection of unique porcelain and granite countertops make us the ideal choice for installing your Invsiacook. Learn more and contact us today to get started.

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