Tips For Your Renovation

We all know how big of an investment renovating your home is. There is a lot that goes into making significant changes to the interior of your home. In this blog, GMS is going to try and lift some stress off your shoulders by giving you some tips that might help your renovating process.

Preparing For Your Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation

It is important to note that your renovation timeline does not begin when the work starts in your home; it kicks off when you start planning and researching your remodeling project. Planning means budgeting, deciding what aesthetic you want, and what materials you want for each furnishing within your home.

Meeting With a GMS Professional

Our team loves working with our clients. We will collaborate to provide industry expertise and knowledge tailored to meet your unique project needs and the ideal vision you have for your kitchen or bath. We can educate you on the variety of style options you may need to consider to help make your project not only stunning but something that will withstand the wear and tear of your everyday life.

Planning to Shop For Countertops and Cabinetry

As you begin to shop for cabinets and countertops, we recommend planning adequately to keep your kitchen or bathroom renovation on track. We would advise that you have the framework of your cabinets finalized before selecting your countertops to know the dimensions and measurements of your space. Having accurate measurements will only help you with more accurate quotes and the speed of the project.

Visiting GMS’s Showroom

Our showroom, located in Alpharetta, is an excellent way to go over your options. We have a wide variety of different materials, styles, and finishes available. AS we said previously, our experts will happily offer our opinion and help you pick the most suitable option for you. This way, you can see what the material you are interested in looks like in real life.

Planning For Your In-Home Remodeling

Once you have finalized your design elements and placed your order, our team will schedule a time to get started on your kitchen remodeling project in your Georgia home.

Before our team comes and installs, old countertops need to be removed completely before our team arrives at your home. While you can certainly do this on your own, the professionals at GMB are happy to offer tear-out and removal services. Our experienced countertop installation team takes the necessary precautions to avoid any damage to surrounding areas in your home to ensure the process goes as smoothly and cleanly as possible.

On the day of your installation, you can expect at least two installers to deliver the prepared countertop and put it in place. Depending on the size of the job, it may require more experts. To help this day go as smoothly as possible, clear the pathway for the installation team so they may quickly enter your home.

Post Countertop Installation Planning

After your beautiful new tops are installed, there are a few more steps to take to get your kitchen or bath back to fully functioning. An electrician and plumber might also need to come and reconnect drains, water, gas, and electrical hookups after your countertop installation is complete. This will generally happen a day or two after installation so that the countertops have time to set.

If you are also planning to install a backsplash, that should be scheduled after the countertops have been installed. After a good cleaning, your kitchen will be ready to go! We know that this process takes a little bit, which is why the investment goes beyond money and takes time as well. Although, it is well worth the investment as a new countertop project will leave your home feeling brand new and something you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Call Granite and Marble Solutions in the Atlanta Area

GMS operates out of Alpharetta and serves the Atlanta metro area as well as the Cumming area. Our professionals have years of experience and knowledge and can’t wait to help you transform your home! Call us today to start your journey!

Also, check our gallery today to give you a taste of what your house could look like!

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