Four Things To Consider When Buying Custom Kitchen Countertops

Four Things To Consider When Buying A Custom Kitchen Countertop

If you want to upgrade the kitchen in your Alpharetta, GA home, the best place to start is with the countertops. They help bring the look and feel of the kitchen together, so changing their design can transform your kitchen’s appearance. At Granite and Marble Solutions, we specialize in custom kitchen countertops and are here to help from start to finish. Read on to learn what you need to consider before buying custom countertops, then visit our showroom today.

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The material you choose for your countertops can make or break them — literally. Depending on how you use your kitchen’s counters, you must factor in durability, heat resistance, stain resistance, and more. Fortunately, at Granite and Marble Solutions, we offer choices like marble, quartz, and granite, which meet the needs of most homeowners.

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Color or Pattern

Stone countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns, but it’s best to choose one that suits the look of the rest of your kitchen. When the countertops complement the walls, floors, and cabinets, the space’s overall appearance will blend more nicely.

beveled countertop edge

Type of Edge

Did you know that when you buy custom kitchen countertops, you can customize their edge profile? A straight edge is typically the most popular, but other options, such as beveled or bullnose, may suit your kitchen’s aesthetics better.

kitchen showing sink and oven cutout

Necessary Cutouts

You probably plan to have a sink and faucet placed somewhere on your countertops, so don’t forget to consider where you want the cutouts for them. When you customize your counters, you’re in control of the entire look, so plan these details ahead of time.

Now that you know what to consider when buying custom kitchen countertops, it’s time to upgrade your existing countertops. Visit the showroom at Granite and Marble Solutions, and we’ll help you get started!

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