Choosing the Right Color Countertops for Your Kitchen

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Choosing the Right Color Countertops for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, full of life and traffic on a daily basis. As such, your kitchen should be an accurate reflection of its value, and part of that includes its aesthetics. The right countertops and color combinations can utterly transform a kitchen into a space that serves as a warm, inviting, and comfortable hub for your family and friends for years to come! Here’s Granite and Marble Solutions’ simple guide to choosing the right color countertops

granite countertops with dark cabinets

Complement Your Cabinets and Furniture

Whether you’re in the process of completely remodeling your kitchen, or you’re only updating your countertops, the way that your countertops interact with your cabinets and furnishings is inextricable. While a monochromatic color scheme might make sense on paper, in practice it can appear drab or dull. When it comes to interior design, contrast can be a powerful tool! For instance, dark, almost black granite complements white cabinets beautifully. Conversely, white or grey granite countertops can pop out wonderfully when you have black cabinets or kitchen appliances.

white countertop with blue-grey cabinets

Pair Different Tones Together

When it comes to pairing tones together, it’s beneficial to have a surface-level understanding of color theory. Color pairings work best as either “complementary” or “analogous.” Remember the color wheel from art class? Complementary colors are directly opposite each other, and analogous colors sit right next to each other. Additionally, the inclusion of neutral tones (grays, tans, and creams) provides some incredible freedom and flexibility.

white granite countertop with custom cabinets

Find Your Unique Style

Marble and granite provide ample opportunities to find your own unique style. Your own personality and preferences can be reflected in the type of countertops you choose. Bright white marble countertops can create a bright, sunny atmosphere. Dark, rich granite can convey a sense of comfort, warmth, and coziness. Your countertops can inform if you’re going for a modern, sleek look, or a rustic, comfortable cottage look. Come to our showroom in Alpharetta to see how these different looks appear in a real setting, and find your own unique look!

granite countertop with rolling pins and large bowl

Consider Additional Accessories

Cabinets aren’t the only thing to consider when it comes to choosing a complementary countertop material. Other things to consider include your kitchen appliances, as well as other accessories that may exist. This includes wall color, floor color and material, and decorative pieces that may be in your kitchen, like pieces of artwork. Come speak with one of our countertop specialists at Granite and Marble Solutions, and we’ll help you find the perfect fit!

Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen doesn’t have to be arduous. We’ve worked with customers from all around Alpharetta and the surrounding areas to find the perfect countertops for their homes. Visit our showroom today to get started!

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