remodeled kitchen overlooking dining room with granite countertops

Benefits of Granite Countertops

Granite is a popular countertop solution that has proven its popularity time and time again. Not only does it look exceptionally great, but it also has many qualities that make it an ideal material to be used in kitchen countertops and backsplashes. But what exactly are the advantages of using granite, as compared to other materials like marble, quartz, or wood? In this blog post, you will find out why granite is the popular countertop of choice across the whole US!

Granite is Resistant to Elements

Granite, if it is sealed, will be the most resistant option against sunlight, water, and ice. While quartz is also very resistant to water, it will suffer from discoloring when exposed to direct sunlight. Because granite is so resistant to elements, it is the best choice to use if you have an outdoor kitchen!

Granite is Low Maintenance

If you seal your granite countertop, you can basically forget about it for the next 2-4 years! A sealed granite countertop will not require any special treatment to preserve its coloring and shape, you can use simple soap and water to clean it, which is not the case for marble countertops, which require more delicate care for preserving.

Granite Is Very Durable

Unlike marble countertops, which can be dented and scratched pretty easily, a granite countertop is a lot stronger against dents, chipping, and scratches. Granite is the second-hardest material that ever exists out there — second only to diamond, which makes them a fantastic choice for kitchens where accidents happen daily!

Granite Will Resist Stains & Bacteria

Last and certainly not least, a granite countertop will resist stains and bacteria a lot more than the other options, certainly a lot more than marble which is very high maintenance! Granite can simply just be washed away with soap and water, instead of requiring special detergents and because of its non-porous nature, it will not allow bacteria to take a hold of it.

Granite & Marble Solutions - Alpharetta Countertops

Granite is a material that has proven its worth over time as countertops. A kitchen that has a granite countertop will greatly increase the resale value of your house! Because of its low maintenance, high resistance, and durability, and uniqueness, granite is one of the best choices you can go with if you are replacing your kitchen countertop! If you are in the Cumming, Alpharetta, or Atlanta area, give us a call at (678) 319-0498 or send us a form to get a quote for your new granite countertop!