Granite countertops are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices in homes across the country. There are a number of compelling reasons to choose granite as a work surface. It’s unique coloring, easy maintenance routine, and ability to hide small blemishes are three of many. However, most homeowners cite their favorite feature as the shine that meets them every time they enter the room.

Over time, the shine fades. Even if you clean your counters with safe products, the effects of time dull the granite. Your kitchen countertops in Cumming need to be made to look new again. However, you should never attempt to polish your surfaces at home.

Granite Facts

·         Granite is a very hard surface giving it moderate protection from dents and scratches.

·         Granite does not tolerate chemical filled cleansing products. Over time, you’ll literally wipe away the seal and begin applying chemicals directly to the stone.

·         Removing stains from your granite surfaces is something you can easily do at home. Be sure to research safe strategies so as not to cause more damage to your countertop.

·         Granite progressively dulls as the protective sealant erodes.

Why Granite Is Not a DIY Project

You’d never consider installing your own solid surface counter. It's a complicated, multi-step process, much of which happens at the warehouse. Similarly, you shouldn’t attempt to reseal or bring back the shine of your kitchen granite countertops from Cumming.

A simple hand sander and poly won't do the job. Professionals have the right equipment and the training to work with a stone like granite. If your kitchen or bathroom countertops in Cumming need a makeover, be sure to call a company with years of experience.

If your granite countertops are looking dull, don’t try to restore them yourself. Call a professional experienced in restoring chemically damaged stone. Let them do it right so you can enjoy the shine of your granite for years to come.