Which materials are the best for kitchen countertops? Indoors, there are many high-quality materials to choose from, each with its own special benefits. Outdoors, however, different rules apply.

So, while Formica will deteriorate from the moisture and humidity outdoors, and quartz may fade with too much direct sunlight exposure, you can install kitchen countertops in Alpharetta that are actually appropriate for your outdoor kitchen. So what type of countertops should you install for reliable outdoor cooking and a beautiful appearance that lasts? Consider these outdoor-resistant options.


Durable and element-resistant, granite is one of the best materials for any outdoor kitchen, whether or not it's under a roof or awning. Granite will not fade, crack, rot, or otherwise develop flaws from outdoor conditions. However, granite can be pricey.


Possible your best option for an outdoor kitchen, if not the priciest, marble is elegant and beautiful. It's so element-resistant that you may never need to replace it. A kitchen with marble countertops can handle everyday cooking and exposure to sun and moisture. Opt for marble with a honed finish, which makes it more outdoor-resistant.


Dense and stain-resistant, soapstone is another great choice for the outdoors. While they won't fade, crack, or darken with outdoor exposure, soapstone can be high-maintenance. It will need the occasional oil treatment to protect its appearance and value.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

While ceramic tile is ideal for warm, outdoor kitchens, it can be a poor choice for cold weather. The grout can crack as it freezes and thaws. Porcelain and ceramic tile can also crack easily from a strong impact or underweight. It may also fade or stain, especially along the grout.

Ultimately, it's your choice to customize your outdoor kitchen with the features that appeal to you most. However, if you're interested in building a beautiful, hardy, and enduring outdoor kitchen, opt for a marble or granite surface. Contact professionals who install kitchen countertops in Alpharetta for more information and to select your slab.