Kitchen counter

Choosing a color for your granite countertops doesn’t need to be stressful. Narrow down your selection to either Absolute Black or Cashmere White and let the fun begin. Both colors allow you to create a stunning look in your kitchen, so sit back and enjoy deciding which one is your favorite.

The Versatility of Black and White

For discerning homeowners in Alpharetta granite countertops complement any design style. While granite comes in a variety of colors, black and white continue to be a popular choice. When you choose either color, you create the backdrop for your unique style. You’re able to go with a warm or cool color palette when you select paint, cabinetry, and accessories. It’s time to choose a color for the best kitchen countertops in Alpharetta.

Absolute Black Granite

This color is classic. It lends a feeling of elegant simplicity to any kitchen. Absolute Black granite is sleek and sophisticated. Black is one of those colors that many homeowners shy away from, making it even more unique. You may be one of the only homes in the neighborhood to reflect the modern, yet elegant sense of style created by incorporating this deep, mysterious shade in your living space.

Cashmere White Granite

Absolute Black is solid black. The color of Cashmere White is predominantly white stone. At first, you’ll see it as one color, tidy and uniform, but look more closely. The stone contains rivers of cream and flecks of browns and garnets. Like Absolute Black, if you choose this gorgeous white granite, you’ll have a touch of elegance and luxury throughout your kitchen.

Which Will You Choose?

You won’t go wrong with either color. Absolute Black and Cashmere White are color choices that allow you to create a unique look for your kitchen granite countertops in Alpharetta. You can pair either color with light, dark, or bright white cabinets. Both complement paint colors in warm or cool hues. Black adds depth to the room because of its lack of color. White brightens up the room and can make your space feel larger.

Now that you know both Absolute Black and Cashmere White create a sense of luxury and elegance, you can feel confident in choosing either one for your new kitchen countertops. Whatever you decide, you can create a kitchen that will be the envy of friends and family.