Marble is such a beautiful and lasting material, we forget how versatile it is. With so many different colors and patterns of stone, and its ability to work seamlessly into any environment, it has the unique ability to change and adapt to current styles, while maintaining a timeless look that lasts even as fashions change. If you're looking to install granite countertops in Alpharetta, here are some exciting new trends to keep an eye on.

Warm and Welcoming

With so much emphasis over the last several years on open floor plans and vast, loft-style spaces, we can forget how delightful and intimate small spaces can be when designed properly. A soft beige marble is a lovely option for creating a snug little nook that can act as a mini-library or sitting area. Several shades such as a fantasy brown soft quartzite, or an ivory silk marble can turn otherwise nondescript little corners into choice destinations for conversation, or a cup of tea.

Embrace the Natural

Increasingly, homeowners want to get away from the sterile modernism of modern life and bring the outdoors in. Complimenting your home with plants, earth tones, or water features creates an environment that is at once warm and contemporary. And, what better way to add natural beauty to an indoor space than with the look and feel that only the genuine stone of marble can provide? Wiskon granite has a fascinating veining that can add a subtle, yet dramatic touch to any room. And, an earthy Amarone granite or a soft white marble can brighten an otherwise dark room, contrasting with a home's modern accoutrements.

Mixing the New with the Old

Incorporating natural elements into the household is part of the trend to simplify the living spaces. Just because you can talk to a computer to turn on the lights or the stereo doesn't mean you want the rest of the house to resemble a space ship. Updating with white marble is the perfect means of both updating a home and keeping it classic.

In many ways, marble is the easiest way to fashionably renovate a home without surrendering to the latest the trends that you'll only want to abandon six months later. When you install marble countertops in Alpharetta, you're keeping everything simple and elegant, while benefiting from the modern style and comfort that only marble can offer.