The rich, luminous appearance of granite countertops makes this durable stone one of the top choices for homeowners when updating a kitchen or designing a new one. The wide variety of colors available suit any decor, from black, to gold, to cashmere white, and a host of other colors in-between. Its warmth enhances natural wood and other rock or stone elements in a kitchen’s architectural design. It’s no surprise that granite is among the top countertop choices for designers and homeowners alike.

If you’ve decided on a granite countertop for your Cumming home, professional installation is important for several reasons. Here are a few of the top tips for installing a kitchen granite countertop:

Choose the Stone

Don’t choose your granite countertop based upon a small sample piece. Ask to see the entire slab. Why? Because granite is a natural stone, formed beneath the earth’s surface over millions of years, and forged through volcanic activity. The magma from the volcano mixes with other minerals, compressed together over time to form the stone. Then, it is harvested from a quarry. This process creates unique veining, colors, and patterns that may change significantly throughout the slab.

Your countertops could require installation in pieces, depending on how much counter space you have in your kitchen, leaving behind visible seams if not cut correctly. It is best to plan ahead according to color and veining to create a seamless appearance.

Accurate Measurements

Professional countertop installers use computer-generated templates to accurately cut the granite to precisely fit the space. The areas around the sink, cooktops, appliance built-ins, and other crucial areas require accurate measurements to ensure the granite slab is large enough to cover all countertop space. Granite appearance can vary greatly from slab to slab. In addition, the thickness of the backsplash should also be considered and included in the measurements.

Structural Support

Granite is a heavy natural stone, weighing between 13 to 19 pounds per square foot, depending on its thickness. That means complete granite kitchen countertops are extremely heavy, and may require additional structural support and special lifting equipment during installation. Choose a seller that not only cuts the stone slab to fit your countertop space, but also provides installation services. Experience pays off in countertop appearance and a long service life.

Choosing a new granite countertop installation in Cumming is a great way to increase your home’s value and appearance. Call today for a consultation, and benefit from the experience of our professional designers for your remodel or new countertop installation.