Granite is the gold standard for countertops. This has been true for many years and remains true today. Other products come and go, but granite's appeal stays consistent. What accounts for granite's enduring popularity? The staying power of granite can be boiled down to three basic characteristics: value, beauty, and ease.


No other countertop material can compete with granite when it comes to value. Hands down, granite brings homeowners the greatest value for their dollars in a number of ways. First, installing granite countertops increases a home's value. Home buyers want granite, so granite countertops are always an asset to any home. Second, granite comes in a wide range of price points, so any homeowner can find a granite countertop that fits into their budget. And third, granite lasts a very long time. While your neighbors are replacing their wood or laminate every few years, your granite will look even more elegant than the day you had it installed. Granite will even outlast popular alternatives like quartz and soapstone. Clearly, the demand for granite, its wide range of prices, and its high endurance make granite an unmatched value for homeowners.


Granite looks at home in every home, from the smallest bungalow to the largest mansion, because granite is beautiful. Granite has a natural luster all its own, and it quickly becomes the highlight of any room. Granite comes in many colors, including cool whites and grays, warm browns, and even dramatic reds and greens. Additionally, granite can be finished in a number of ways. The surface can be polished to a high gloss or it can be honed to a warm, matte texture, and the edges of granite can be shaped to fit your design needs. The variety and flexibility of granite make it easy for you to add beauty and lasting value to your home.


Nothing is as easy as granite. After your granite is installed and sealed by a professional installation crew, you will have a countertop that resists stains and scratches and is heat resistant. Normal use will not chip the stone. Granite is almost impossible to damage; it is second only to diamonds in hardness. If you do manage to chip or crack granite, it is relatively easy to fix. A granite countertop is the last countertop you will ever need to buy. It will withstand anything you can throw at it.

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