If you're working on remodeling your kitchen, you’ve probably done some research into different types of countertop materials. There are many options to choose from, and determining which material is best for your kitchen can be a difficult process. If you’ve done research, it's likely that you’re looking for the best kitchen countertops in the Cumming area. Here is some information about the top countertops available to help you make your decision.

Granite or Marble Countertops

Two of the most popular surfaces on the market today are granite and marble. Both of these options offer a high-quality finish that will last for a lifetime if cared for properly. Marble comes in two finishes, either polished or honed. This type of stone is resistant to cracks, heat, and breaking. Its biggest disadvantage it that it's porous, which means you'll need to be careful and keep it clean to avoid contamination.

Granite is one of the densest stone materials available, looks great, and is difficult to crack or chip. This material requires minimal maintenance and is stain resistant. Its biggest disadvantage is price; granite can be very expensive, but many people feel it's worth the investment. Talk to a specialist about installing granite countertops in Cumming.


Butcherblock offers a great looking rustic finish, and it can add warmth to your kitchen. Butcherblock also works well in contemporary kitchens. One of its biggest advantages is that it's very inexpensive, and offers a high-quality look at an economic price. It can be difficult to maintain, and requires oiling to keep the finish strong while scratches must be sanded away. Hot objects can also leave burn marks on the countertop if you’re not careful.

Other Material to Consider

Other materials to consider include stainless steel and solid prefabricated surfaces. Solid steel is the material of choice for many chefs because it's very resistant to heat and bacteria. It looks great in contemporary kitchens, but can be expensive and requires lots of cleaning to keep shiny. Other finishes include laminate, formica, and staron. These surfaces usually require more maintenance, but can help you save money and come in a variety of colors and modern finishes.