Marble has been a prized construction material for hundreds of years, symbolizing high-society status and beauty. It was a favorite of King Louis XIV and he incorporated it into nearly every room in the beautiful Palace of Versailles. The versatility of this material made it popular among sculptors like Michelangelo and Bernini. Today, you can own this unique piece of art in your own home when you upgrade your kitchen countertops to marble. Granite and Marble Solutions of Atlanta offer a wide selection of marble kitchen and bathroom countertops. You are guaranteed to find a color and finish to fit your decorating style.

Marble naturally maintains a low temperature, even on a warm day. For this reason, it's also naturally resistant to heat. This is great news for busy cooks balancing hot pots and pans. You can set them on your marble surface without fear of cracking or burning the stone. The cool temperature also makes this stone perfect for kneading pastry dough and making candy.

Marble comes in three different finishes: polished, honed, and leather. The polished look is the most popular because it's a classic look in modern kitchens. The stone is buffed to a high-gloss shine, making it the least porous but also the most susceptible to nicks and fingerprints. Honed marble is sanded to create a satin-smooth appearance that hides imperfections. The leather look is more popular on dark color marble and has a very Old World look and feel to it.

Marble comes in several unique colors, the most popular being black and white. Other variations include yellow, pink, green, and gray. The veins that run through each piece can also vary from dark and detailed to soft and subtle. Marble from Calcutta is known for its dark, striking veins while the softer look of Carrara marble is easy to match with just about any decorating style. The unique combination of colors and vein patterns ensure that no two pieces of marble are alike.

The cost of installing marble countertops will depend mostly on where the marble comes from. Carrara marble, for example, is one of the most popular styles in the industry right now. Even though it comes from Italy, is it still the most affordable style of marble. Compared to other materials on the market right now, marble is generally more expensive, but for many, the look and feel of natural stone cannot be beaten. Regardless, marble is an investment in the value and beauty of your home, an investment that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.