Granite countertops are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Many people love granite due to its durability, but its beauty is just as appealing. Being a natural stone, every slab of granite is truly unique. As sunlight dances across the surface of the granite and strikes its small crystals, the luster and attractiveness of your countertops will come to life. It's simply impossible to duplicate the true beauty of granite with any other material.

The veins, specks, swirls, and other patterns within the stone are always one of a kind, and you'll be able to admire them for many years to come. Of course, that's not even mentioning the literally hundreds of different colors. While each person will have their own style and preferences, the most popular granite countertop colors can give you a place to start imagining how you can put together the kitchen you've always wanted.

Wooden and Raw

Tan and other brown shades give you a raw, natural, almost wood-like appearance. The darker shades are particularly popular, since they can be used to contrast effectively with white cabinets. Eggshell white is always popular, but you can always use an off-white or antique white instead, especially if you want something that shows off the texture of the wood a bit better. The granite's own texture can be used to blend with the cabinets, so that the contrast isn't overly harsh.

Staying Neutral

Neutral tones are beloved by many homeowners. Santa Cecelia and New Venetian Gold are both neutral colors that allow you to install a bolder backsplash and cabinets in order to make a statement, while keeping the neutral tones to soften the overall design. The clean, modern impression of New Venetian Gold has captivated many homeowners, but the brown specks and variations in Santa Cecelia give you even more options to compliment the coloring of your countertops. Since Santa Cecelia can pair with almost any color of cabinet, it's perfect for people who enjoy constantly reinventing their home or homeowners that are a bit indecisive.

Rich and Dark

Darker colors like Black Pearl and Uba Tuba shouldn't be forgotten. There are plenty of kitchen countertops in Alpharetta that you can fall in love with, and rich, dark granite will always be a favorite. It works well with checkerboard patterns if you want something fun yet classic, and it compliments lighter cabinets and simple backsplashes incredibly well.