Your countertop is arguably the most eye-catching element of your kitchen. So, why settle for the one that came with your house or apartment? If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it's understandable that you'd want a countertop that reflects your personal style and seamlessly fits into your kitchen space.

The traditional countertops are traditional for a reason. Granite and marble withstand the test of time because they're stunning and durable. However, you may be wondering how you can make your kitchen stand out among the rest. If you're looking to choose from the best kitchen countertops in Cumming, then why not think outside the box?

Keep reading to discover the dream kitchen countertops in Cumming that you never even knew existed. Prepare to be wowed.

Stainless Steel

This countertop is a master chef's dream come true. It's recently boomed in popularity amongst foodies and avid cooks, as the style mimics that which you'd find in the kitchen of a restaurant. There's a reason restaurants use this kind of table top for mass food preparation, too: it's incredibly durable and easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with soap and water and it's literally as good as new. There are no annoying crevices to scrape food out of and there's no potential for permanent staining.

The downside? It's not cheap. However, if you're serious about food preparation, this is the countertop for you.

Recycled Wood

Now that the more expensive option has been covered, it's time to consider the other end of the spectrum. A recycled wooden countertop will not only provide your kitchen with a rustic, DIY vibe, but it's also a sustainable way to use wood that would have otherwise been discarded.

Of course, if this is the countertop you decide on, it will require laminate protection and frequent maintenance. You also should keep more acidic foods off it such as tomatoes, as they may damage or permanently stain the wood.


This is a kitchen countertop in Cumming that you can be sure is available to you, as it's not super uncommon. However, it's gorgeous and typically contains flecks of metallic material. It's available in different styles and colors, which you can browse at a local distributor.

Perhaps the best thing about quartz is that it out-performs granite in durability, and that's saying something. However, it's a great deal more expensive.

Honorable mentions include glass, zinc, and concrete countertops. Yes, they exist! If you're ready to revamp your kitchen, inquire about the most unique countertops in Cumming today.