Of all the natural stone choices available for countertops, none rival the elegance and the versatility of marble. Whether you are replacing a countertop or choosing one for a new home, marble is the perfect choice. Because of the wide variety of colors and veining choices available, no two marble countertops in Cumming or the surrounding area will look exactly the same.

Marble is durable, long-lasting, and heat-resistant. It’s also easy to care for, but does require some extra attention to keep it looking beautiful.

Clean It

Ask the seller for suggestions regarding preferred natural stone cleaners, but never use abrasive scrubs or acidic products on marble, including cleaners that contain lemon, orange, ammonia, or vinegar. A damp sponge and gentle soap generally work fine for day-to-day use, and be sure to dry thoroughly with a towel. Wine, coffee, tea, and juice spills need to be cleaned immediately to prevent staining.

Seal It

Marble is porous, so sealing is recommended to prevent stains and other damage caused by everyday use. Sealing doesn’t completely prevent marble against stains, but it does protect the stone. Check with the seller to determine the best type of sealer recommended. Sealing every 3 to 6 months is often recommended. When water no longer beads on the surface, it’s time to reseal.

Protect It

Naturally acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus, and vinegar will etch into a marble surface. Protect your countertops from spills to prevent staining. If your local water is on the hard side, it’s a good idea to wipe up any water spills as well to prevent spots. Even though marble is heat-resistant, use pot holders and trivets under hot pans, serving dishes and plates to prevent cracks in the surface.

Purchase quality marble from a reputable seller when choosing the right marble countertop installation for your Cumming home. With the proper care, this beautiful, durable stone will last for years. For more information about adding marble to your kitchen or bathroom, visit our website and online gallery, or contact one of our experienced natural stone consultants.