Granite countertops are more than just a classic choice for your home. Yes, they look lovely, and granite countertops can last for years, while maintaining the same vibrancy they had when they were first installed. However, granite countertops make a great addition to the rest of your home's overall aesthetic, appeal, and charm as well. Learn how you can use your granite countertops to help style your kitchen and beautify your house!

Color Selection

As you know, granite comes in a variety of different colors and combinations. Some are tan and brown or sandy, while other granite slabs will be red and brown or gray and black. You can integrate those elements into the rest of your kitchen and even expand those selections to the living room, dining area or other parts of your home.

If your granite countertops have only a speck or touch of red here and there, you can use that accenting color for your cabinets. This can be especially lovely if you want something bolder and more eye catching. If your granite has flecks of a sandy shade instead, you can use that more neutral color for your cabinets or use it as a highlight for edging and trim. Whichever approach you prefer, borrowing from your granite for color choices can be very helpful.

Textures and Patterns

Granite can appear to be smooth or a bit rough. You're able to play on those different textures throughout the rest of your kitchen and even other parts of your house. If it looks to be a little rough, you can use a faux finish for your paint or raw wood for your cabinets. A more natural and less polished appearance can capitalize on that. If you enjoy a rustic approach to your decorating this can work surprisingly well. However, glossy or smoother granite countertops might contrast with that too sharply. Fine-grain wood and stainless steel appliances will mesh well together, which can make your kitchen look impeccably clean and distinctly modern.

Patterns can be fun to experiment with as well. White and black granite can pair beautifully with checkerboard tiles or a similar backsplash. In fact, you could potentially alternate any of the colors in your granite. With kitchen granite countertops in Alpharetta, don't be afraid to get creative and mix and match for an optimum impact.