Your cabinetry, countertops, and floor tiles are the three main components of the color scheme in your kitchen. Coordinating those elements into your overall design is essential to making your kitchen look as vibrant and inviting as you want it to be. Of course, if you're installing new granite countertops in Atlanta, or flooring, you'll want to make sure that the new installation works with the rest of your kitchen's style. Since the kitchen is such an important and integral part of every home, it's understandable that people put a lot of thought and effort into its appearance and layout. Continue reading to learn about coordinating your countertops and floor tiles.

The Rule of Three

As a general rule, you should choose two dominate colors and one accent color. Often, the accent color will be the one that "pops," or stands out the most. It might be an olive green or an eggplant purple. The two dominant colors will often be more neutral, but not always. You can also keep in mind your appliances. Black appliances can blend with many different color schemes, but stainless steel might be less accommodating to more extreme choices. However, your appliances are not as significant an issue as your countertops and flooring.

You'll probably want to look at your countertops first, since they tend to be the most expensive investment. You can coordinate your floor tiles after you've selected the material and color for your countertops. Granite and marble are classic options, and granite can come in a number of different colors, patterns, and textures. Since marble can come in shades of gray, black, and white, marble can actually accommodate a variety of color choices as well.

Adjust by Style

You may prefer something that's classic or clean, such as a two-tone look with a black-and-white design, which is always beautiful. This also allows you a lot of leeway with your accent choice. For your granite countertop installation in Alpharetta, you can also opt for something a bit more rustic. Your flooring can easily be adjusted to complement your countertop preference. Some types of tile can imitate real-wood flooring, which can blend with a rustic look quite well. Whatever your design, so long as you keep things in balance, you should have a gorgeous kitchen in the end.