You have so many options for choosing new kitchen countertops! These tips from your local Alpharetta experts will help you get the right countertop with the minimal amount of stress.

Cost and Budget

Home renovations almost always boil down to one thing: the cost. What is your bottom line? Time to compare materials side-by-side to see what costs more. Most countertops are quoted in price by square foot. Granite, marble, and concrete are generally more expensive than plastic laminate or tile, but they also last longer so the cost may be less in the long run. Granite is also becoming more affordable due to the higher demand.


Speaking of the longevity of countertop materials, you’ll want to consider what kind of durability you want. If you barely touch your kitchen counters, then you don’t need industrial-grade concrete counters that can withstand almost anything. If you’re an avid cook with lots of little ones and potential drops and dings on the countertop, then something durable like granite or concrete is what you need. Another perk of the most durable types of countertops, like concrete, is that they don’t require cutting boards. You can do all your slicing and dicing right on the counter with no risk of dents or chips. Just ask your supplier which materials can stand the test of your most harried Thanksgiving dinner preparations.

Look and Color

Another important factor is the style of your countertop. Do you want a stark black countertop against modern white cabinets? Do you want a creamy white marbled countertop? Do you want a solid color or something with more texture? The type of look you prefer will help determine which kitchen countertop options you choose. You can even choose wood countertops if you love the look of natural wood, though wood requires a lot more maintenance to keep it smooth and undamaged. Marble and granite come in a nearly infinite array of color choices, and even concrete can be stained to add some variety.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Wood countertops require a bit more maintenance, such as wiping down with the proper cleaning solutions, polishing, and applying protective coatings and coverings. Make sure you factor in the countertop’s maintenance needs when you are choosing your new materials. Natural stone and concrete surfaces are the simplest to wipe clean with a wet cloth. And if you choose a surface with some color variety and some speckled or marbling texture, you get the added benefit of not having every little spill show up before you can clean it.


Finally, be aware of what customizations you want to request with your countertop. Do you prefer an unusual or asymmetrical shape for your kitchen island? Do you want fancy beveling along the edges of your countertop? Make sure the type of countertop materials you choose are compatible with any customizations you want. Consult with your provider and installers on any customization requests.