Choosing the right kitchen countertops can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you're already in the process of renovating or you're putting together a wish list, it's certainly wise to plan ahead. The first thing most people think about is the color or pattern, and that's understandable since you obviously want your entire kitchen to be well coordinated. While that's something you should keep in mind, you may want to consider more functional issues as well.


No matter how careful you are with your countertops, accidents do happen. Kitchens are used, often several times a day, and that daily use will have an impact. Hot pots and pans will inevitably wind up on your countertops, and there will be a number of spills and messes as well. With the right countertops, clean-up can be a breeze, and heat resistance won't be an issue.

If you have granite countertops in Cumming, you won't need to spend much time worrying about their longevity. Granite doesn't harbor bacteria, so it's quite well suited to being placed in a kitchen. That doesn't mean you should just leave spills or messes in place, but it does help keep the area sanitary more easily. Another bonus is that granite is incredibly durable. It doesn't tend to pit or chip, and, if sealed properly, it can resist stains and remain looking like new for years to come.

Like granite, marble is a natural stone. For marble countertops in Cumming, being sealed regularly is going to be even more important. Although marble is heavy, it can’t avoid staining or discoloration as easily as granite can. Marble is more reliant on its sealant to avoid those issues, but well-maintained marble should be able to remain beautiful and stain-free for several years. Many homeowners prefer marble simply because it's so beautiful, but marble can last just as long as granite, provided that it's cared for well.


Everyone wants a gorgeous kitchen, and both granite and marble deliver that. Either option provides uniqueness and classic charm. Since they're natural stones, no one else will have countertops that look precisely like yours. Although marble tends to be the more expensive selection, sometimes you can find great deals on marble slabs. For kitchen countertops in Cumming, it's really difficult to criticize either choice.