In this age of remodeling shows, DIY projects, Pinterest boards, and affordable home renovations, kitchens have become a playground for anyone with high aspirations and an eye for design. Whether you are planning a full kitchen remodel or simply want to upgrade your outdated countertops, there are traditional and non-traditional options available to let you customize your space and meet your personal needs. Read on to learn about countertops, renovation options, and ways to make your kitchen shine.

Traditional: Granite and Marble

Marble and granite countertops are classics for a reason. They are gorgeous, long-lasting, heavy-duty stones that add value and beauty to your home. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and no two slabs of these naturally-occurring stones are exactly alike. Granite is particularly durable and resistant to stains, scratches, and heat, while marble is the quintessential choice for chefs and bakers.

Modern Stone: Quartz and Soapstone

For a different take on traditional stone countertops, quartz and soapstone are gaining traction. Soapstone is very heat-resistant, and it can be buffed smooth when scratches occur. Quartz countertops are engineered to look like natural stone, but it has enhanced features that make it perfect for busy kitchens. It is extremely durable, antimicrobial, stain-proof, and easy to clean.

Laminate and Solid Surfacing

Unlike the cheap and flimsy countertops of days past, modern laminate countertops are beautiful, inexpensive, durable, and easy to install. Solid surfacing can be used for countertops, backsplash, and sinks for an uninterrupted look, and is stain-resistant. If you want an inexpensive option that can still transform your kitchen, these 2 are a great bet.

Butcher Block, Glass, Metal, and More

For a more modern look, you can break away from the more common options. Kitchens using butcher block, recycled glass, metal options, and other materials can be lovely, practical, and unique. Depending on your overall aesthetic goals, you can customize your countertops to for your vision and needs. The best kitchen countertops in Cumming are the ones you love, so be sure to explore all options available to you.