Several factors come into play for homeowners choosing a color for kitchen countertops in Alpharetta. There are many options, from classic tones to edgy dark colors to bright contemporary colors. The employees at Granite and Marble Solutions can help you with making these important decisions. Here are just a few things to consider.

Room Size

If your kitchen is nice and cozy, you may want to consider a lighter color for your kitchen granite countertops, like Cashmere White. These tones open up smaller spaces, giving the perception of a roomy, open space. You may also consider getting pure white kitchen marble countertops. These offer a timeless look while still opening up the room. A larger room will be able to take on whites, muted golds and other lighter colors, as well. But they are also good candidates for darker tones that give a warm, inviting feel to a space that might otherwise feel impersonal due to its large size.

Potential Fads

Bright countertops like reds, greens, and yellows may be popular today, but will they stand the test of time? Even if you like such colors today, consider that your tastes might change over the next several years. Another concern is how appealing the colors will be to prospective buyers should you sell your home. Remember, your home is an investment and you don’t want the color of the kitchen countertops to lessen its value. Sometimes, a classic look can be combined with other elements in the kitchen to gain the current look you want, while still giving you the flexibility to go for a whole different look later on by changing less expensive elements like backsplashes and cabinet colors. That brings us to the next important factor.

Other Kitchen Areas

When choosing a color for your countertops, think about how it looks with other elements in the kitchen, like sinks, cabinets, appliances, and backsplashes. Black granite coupled with stainless steel appliances and sinks can create a sleek look, while colors like Golden Fiore and Napoleon can couple with the same stainless appliances to give a more classic look.

Knowing popular color trends and thinking ahead can help you make your home a great place to live and add value for the future.