Want to prove to your significant other why you should hire professional countertop installers in Alpharetta and not do it yourself? Just show this list of reasons why it’s worth it to hire a pro.

1.      The Unforeseen Cost

One reason why many husbands prefer to do home improvement projects on their own is to save money. It’s an understandable reason. But some home DIY projects can end up costing you more money, and countertop installation is one of those projects. If you’re a serial DIY-er, you probably have the basic tape measure, hammer, drill, and maybe even a level. But for installing countertops like granite or marble, you’ll also need a bunch of specialized materials, like saws, scribing tools, sealants, grout, protective wear, and sanding pads. Not to mention some way of lifting heavy slabs of granite!

2.      Risk of Injury

Speaking of lifting, you don’t want to risk injuring yourself by handling heavy countertop slabs without the proper equipment, or even with equipment but without the experience and expertise. If you get injured, then you’ll be adding on healthcare costs and will most likely have to end up hiring someone anyway.

3.      Engineering Issues

Installing the countertop isn’t the only thing you’ll need to have expertise in. Any time you’re doing renovation work in the kitchen or bathroom, chances are you’re going to run into electrical and plumbing issues. It’s easier and safer to have professionals on the job who know how to work around these issues without damaging anything.

4.      Get a Warranty on Materials

It’s very likely that when you try to install the countertop yourself, you’ll end up damaging something. Granite countertops are known to crack when installed incorrectly or not exactly level. If you use a professional installer, they will typically guarantee the countertop and the installation, so if they make a mistake, they’ll replace the materials, not you.

5.      Joints between Slabs

Another common mistake or imprecision that happens with installing countertops is getting the joints of the slabs to be exactly flush together. Most countertops do not come in one whole slab, except for some islands. If there’s even a tiny bit of microscopic space, it can accumulate dust, dirt, food, allergens, bacteria, and even fungi.

6.      Gaps around Edges

The joints between slabs aren’t’ the only things to worry about. What about where the countertop meets other surfaces, like the wall, cabinets, sink, and appliances? A professional can not only measure and cut the countertop slabs exactly, but will install them so they fit precisely and perfectly where they’re intended.

7.      Messy Grout

Countertop installation calls for the use of materials like grout and silicone. Even if you’re feeling up to the task, why not hire somebody else to do it? Avoid the mess and the cleanup.

8.      Polished Appearance

Finally, everyone wants that perfectly polished, seamless appearance for their countertops, whether it’s granite, marble, concrete, or some other material. Nothing will accomplish this like hiring a professional installer. Even if you fit the granite slabs together well, will it end up looking like one continuous slab? An experienced professional can give you those kind of results. Don’t risk the cost, the injury, or the dissatisfaction that comes with an imperfect renovation. Get the job done right the first time!