The countertops in your kitchen are probably used more than any other surface in the house. With the constant use, it may feel like it is impossible to keep them clean. Especially if you bought marble or granite countertops in Alpharetta, you may worry that you won’t be able to keep the stunning, yet porous, material in top shape. Even easier surfaces, like quartz, can seem dirty too often. The good news is that are easy ways to clean your countertops, no matter the material.

Granite and Marble

Granite and marble countertops are a beautiful addition to your house that you want to make sure to keep well maintained. For both types of countertops, you want to avoid using anything acidic, like ammonia, vinegar and lemon-based cleaners. Fortunately, you don’t need much to thoroughly clean them. Here are three easy ways to get the job done.

·         For immediate and everyday spills, make sure to clean the countertops as soon as possible to avoid stains. Blotting away the spill with a cloth, instead of rubbing, will do the trick.

·         For tougher spills, use a mixture of mild detergent, rubbing alcohol, and water, and wipe down the counter with a clean cloth. Finish by drying completely.

·         If you find stains, try using baking soda mixed with liquid dish soap and water. Apply this mixture directly to the stain and let it stand for at least twenty-four hours before wiping away.


Quartz may not be as unique as granite or marble, but it’s a simpler material that is often used because it is easy to clean.

·         Usually all stains and marks on quartz can be removed by combining soap and water, and wiping down the surface down with a wet cloth.

·         If you have spilled oil or grease on your countertop, try using window cleaner to easily remove. Make sure to dry thoroughly.

With these easy ways to keep your countertops clean, don’t hesitate to invest in a unique surface for your kitchen. Check out local stores for kitchen countertops in Alpharetta.