Bathrooms have progressed from a room based solely on use to a space of reflection and recuperation. Although the bathroom has long served as a place for privacy, it’s evolved into a room where we can also recharge ourselves after a long and crazy workday, analyze our personal appearance, or close the door and escape, even for just a few moments.

Yet, bathrooms must be functional. The countertops should be durable, stain-resistant, deter bacteria—and be beautiful. That’s why natural stone has become one of the most popular countertop materials for interior designers, homeowners and home renovators alike. Not only is natural stone available in a variety of colors, each piece of stone offers unique veining, creating an individualized appearance. For example, if every one of your neighbors decided to install marble countertops in Cumming, none of them would look exactly alike.

There are additional ways to add unique and interesting design components in addition to choosing the color and veining of the stone. Choose elements that enhance the stone’s natural qualities. If you’re thinking of renovating a bathroom or adding a new bathroom, here are some fresh ideas for countertop design and other innovations.

Focus on the Ambience

Natural stone vanities mesh well with other natural elements, and bathroom trends are focusing on natural wood and metal that enhance the stone. Choose metal sink and plumbing fixtures with matte or satin finishes instead of highly polished finishes to bring out the beauty of granite or marble. Adding the right ambient and enhanced lighting around the vanity area creates a highly functional spot for dressing and getting ready every day, but it also enhances and ties the beauty of the metal natural stone together, creating a comfortable, useable space.

Clean, Natural Colors

New trends for bathrooms implement clean colors and seamless lines, which is why natural stone is perfect for countertop and vanity spaces. Granite or marble countertops provide a wide variety of colors and veining inspirations and work well as a focal point. Matte, nude, and natural colors are trending, and can bring out the beautiful aspects of stone. Natural clay is expected to be a popular material to use in 2017 house décor, including bathrooms, and it pairs beautifully with natural stone countertops, each working with the other to enhance their natural qualities. Expect grays to trend, paired with other natural, softer tones—a perfect way to bring the focus to that unique, beautiful marble countertop you chose.

Wood Elements  

No more high-shine or polished anything in trendy décor. Natural wood is being used more on bathroom floors, cabinets and inside showers as well, surrounded by natural stone elements for walls and countertops. Stand-alone furniture with a natural finish is also expected to be a growing trend in bathroom design to increase the room’s functionality, add coziness, and create a more individualized space.

Find design elements you love, and then set up a consultation with a design expert who specializes in marble countertops in Cumming to help you create the perfect bathroom.